Customisation & Tailoring

No one is more you than you - Which is why we want to assist you with your signature style. If you purchase an item from Uncommon Store we will offer you free alterations at the time of purchase.
What we cover:
Need your pants or skirt hemmed? Not a problem!
Waist taken in? Can do!
Prefer a shoulder pad? You got it!
Does that maxi come in a mini? No, but we can shorten any style to your preferred length.
Where the alterations stop and the friendship is stretched:
Want a sleeves put on a sleeveless top? Sorry we can't change the style.
Want an Aline turned into a pencil skirt? That would also change the style.
Remove straps on a halter? This would change the structure of the garment and requires a full remake, rather than tailoring.
How can we help?
Try the item on - if it fits perfectly, then great - you're all set!
If you would like changes made, try the item on and one of our makers will assist in measuring it while it's on your body. After payment in full is made we will set about altering it and have it ready to collect or post it out to you.
What if I purchase a style and come back later to have it altered?
We happily make adjustments at the time of purchase and don't accept free alterations after the item leaves the store.
What if alterations are made and I don't wear it for a few months, in that time it doesn't fit? We take the greatest care of your item and lovingly send it away with you to cherish forever. There are no refunds or exchanges after the item is altered.